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K.J Kingsley “Miss Kate”

Writer by day, Professional Dominatrix by night, K.J Kingsley has dabbled in almost all aspects of sex work and has found her true calling – Being a Pro-Domme. Now she also is a contributor for Consensually Speaking!

Scarlett Carson

Scarlett. (Miss Carson, if ya nasty)
Spent the last five years on leadership for The Next Generation Chicago as the Education Coordinator, and though she does still teach classes of her own, she has decided that it was time for new adventures. She has also been known, on ocassion, to write filthy smut. So…Now she writes for Consensually Speaking.

Friends of the Show

Erotica/Sexuality/Alt Relationship Authors 

Key Barrett M.Sc

Key Barrett has a Masters of Science in Anthropology and has studied sexual subcultures across to Europe and North America. He has investigated a diverse set of subcultures spanning from female sexual dynamism and aggression in medieval European texts to the bondage and submission clubs of New York to the transgender burlesque cultures of the Deep South before turning his attention to Female-Led Relationships.

He is also an author who writes both nonfiction and fiction erotica with a female-leadership bent. His latest book of nonfiction is entitled “Surrender, Submit, Serve her: The definitive guide to enacting female leadership and embracing the female dominated household.”

Key’s Amazon Page

Leandra Vane

As your friendly (and kinky) Unlaced Librarian, erotic romance writer, and sex educator Leandra’s mission is to hold up resources that help us all sew together our fantasies with our realities, and to do so in ways that are healthy and authentic. Her goal is to bring conversations and visibility to our sexual fantasies and provide guidance for navigating erotic media like pornography and erotica. Her work also explores aspects of embodiment and relationship dynamics including disability, open relationships, kink, and BDSM. Together, her hopes are we can all discover the ways our erotic imaginations can make our lives and relationships more fulfilling. Leandra has authored such works as  “Cast From the Earth,” “Booked: A BDSM Romance,” and “Thinking Myself Off: Fetish, Fantasy, and My Erotic Imagination”

Jayne Renault

Jayne is a self-proclaimed reckless lover, boisterous laughter, voracious reader, snarky ranter, smutty wordsmith, and long-winded sex-positive writer. She likes to play around with beautiful strangers, brooding anonymous narrators, smug masturbation sessions, infidelity, and the sometimes darker undertones of sexual deviancy. A good metaphor will turn her on more than a pretty face ever could, and one of her alter-egos is the resident Smut Madame and erotica editor at Bellesa as well as her blog site.

Sexuality and Kink Educators

Bad Kitty Bondage

As a group, they have presented at both local and national events, done rigging for film, and have participated in a number of live bondage performances. BKB classes have included topics ranging from basic to advanced shibari forms, rope bottoming, suspension, and impact play. They enjoy being silly and sharing our fun and sometimes quirky tying style with people in the community.

Ty the Gentleman

Ty the Gentleman is a champion of intelligent kink and community outreach. Besides his commanding physical presence, he’s reached across boundaries of gender and orientation, race and affluence, education and opportunity on a national level through presentations, demos, and fund raising efforts. His notable presentations include BDSM 101 basics to advanced notions public play and showmanship in his “Topping with Flair” educational presentation.

Ty is co host with the local Men’s Support Group fostering a deeper examination of male identity and responsibility in the world and kink community and is the Demo Master at the NM Clubhouse on the Main Stage for their monthly kink night.

His national play and demo experiences have taken him to the QE2 in El Paso, TX, the VC in Dallas, and countless private venues in the Eastern USA. Ty currently assists with collecting dresses and funds for Cinderella Dress Project, and raising funds for Albuquerque boys of leather.

Ty’s Fetlife Page



Ryan- Raptor Photography

Ryan is a freelance and commissioned work photographer for both private and corporate clients. In addition to fine art prints, my work has been used for websites, advertising, comp cards, headshots, calendars, greeting cards, marketing materials, personals ads, and featured in newspapers and newsletters across the US, and internationally. He took the spectacular photo for the podcast’s artwork/logo.

Dirk Hooper

Dirk Hooper is a professional fetish photographer, published writer, podcasting producer and host, journalist for the fetish community, BDSM mentor, audiobook narrator and adult personal branding consultant for Sexy Networking.

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