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  • Welcome!

    If you've made it this far, I am sure you already know what my podcast is all about. For those of you who somehow haven't, here's the skinny.

    Consensually Speaking with Gio is a kink-centric, sex positive, podcast that aims to educate, inform and entertain with a light-hearted, conversational, and comedic flavor. NSFW, sexual content and language.

    I am a 40 something year old man that is into kink/BDSM. I've been a kinkster for about 7 years now and in a commited D/s relationship as a Dom/Daddy for just about 4 years. While I am not a novice to the scene and fairly knowledgeable, I am relatively new compared to some lifers out there. Just as in life, I know one can never stop learning and conversely, impart knowledge upon others.

    My hopes is that this kink-centric podcast can give knowledge and information to people new to the kink scene, as well as help me also learn new things along the way. I plan on doing this in a light-hearted, and even comedic way with casual conversations with guests that are in the kink community as teachers and mentors, as well as just players. 

    With that being said, the question is, why a Patreon?

    All of the initial investment, funds, and time spent to launch have been done by me. I do this gladly and willingly because this is a passion of mine and a dream to continue doing it. I want to bring my listeners the best possible product I can. To make the show better takes more investment. This is a project of mine I do while still working a full time job to support myself and my family, but I need your help to make it better. 

    Things I plan to do with any funds I receive:

    • Better equipment: Mics, mixers, and accessories.
    • Monthly subscription editing software as opposed to the free one I use now
    • Professional finish editing
    • Web design
    • Hosting fees
    • Travel for remote broadcasts from events

    With your help I can produce the best possible content possible for listeners of this show.

    I am not expecting much, every dollar helps. I value all my listeners, whether they support in this way or not. Even if you can't contribute, simple things like sharing, rating, and reviewing the show helps tremendously.

    The show itself will always remain free to all to listeners, regardless of contributing or not.

    Thank you for your time.

    USD $1 every 1 month